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Who's Who Lens™ service

Advanced facial recognition software made simple. Now you can find every photo of Great Grandma Bernice in an instant. It's so good, it can usually match photos of an adult with their baby pictures. Is it fun living in the future, or what? 

Here's how we'll do it:

  1. When we return your scanned originals, we'll sit down with you and look through some photos in your new Forever Album.

  2. During this time, we'll run our facial recognition program, which finds and groups photos which the same family members appear, in mere seconds!

  3. We'll work with you to properly identify "Who's Who" in a just a few pictures, then once we have put the correct name to each face, the software finishes the job; finding and grouping your photos by who appears in it. 

Put names to ALL of your faces! 

Gone are the days of writing EVERY person's name on the back of EVERY picture they're in.             -Identify ONE photo, and WHO's WHO LENS does the rest! 


No matter if we scanned your photos or not, you can still take advantage of our wide range of digital archival services such as this! 

Give your future generations the gift of their history in one versatile, digital album, instead of the burden of boxes. 

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