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Legacy Album

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
—Maya Angelou

Legacy Albums


How we're remembered after we're gone largely relies on the ages and relations of our survivors who are doing the remembering. Since we never know when that time will be, why not take on the task of preparing your final slideshow now before it's too late?


The days before a funeral can be stressful and difficult, even without the added pressure of locating everyone's photos of your loved one for the memorial service - especially if it's being planned in another state! 

For your family's final farewell to you, why leave anything to chance? Let your favorite photos of life speak for themselves!

Family Photo Vault will assist you in hand-selecting those images that you feel best represent your life, and group them in a dedicated online album. So when the time comes, your family need only to email your album's web address to the funeral organizer, and they'll instantly have all your favorite memories from life - ready to display without hassle. 

When you complete your Legacy Album, Family Photo Vault will provide you with a certificate containing the web address of your album to be kept with the documents of your living will, along with an electronic link emailed to your appointed successor trustee or attorney. All documents and correspondence relating to your Legacy Album contain simple directions for how to access and acquire your images as soon as they're needed.

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