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The Criteria to qualify for the EXPRESS ENVELOPE, SHOEBOX and FAMILY Packages, are as follows:

1: Prints must be uniformly sized, and in good quality - consistent through the entire batch submitted for package qualification.

2: Package order must be for 300 DPI resolution scanning.

3: Free local pick-up and drop-off of original photos must be within city limits of one of the eight cities listed on the home page, or else fees may apply. One pick-up, and one drop-off visit are included per package purchased.

4: Family Photo Vault has final say regarding the qualification or disqualification of prints for special promotional rates and packages. If a majority of the submitted prints qualify for the scanning package desired by the client, but a portion do not, the client must agree to the standard scanning rate, per tier, per non-qualifying photo, in addition to the package rate in order to honor the package rate for the quantity of photos that do qualify. If the number of qualifying photos falls below the ceiling number of the package below the client’s chosen package, the client need only pay for that package, and other arrangements can be made to cover the scanning of the submitted photos that do not qualify for the special rate in the client’s initially chosen package.




1: Family Photo Vault reserves the right to refuse work.

2: Although every precaution will be made to ensure the safe handling, scanning, and return of the client’s materials, Family Photo Vault can not be held responsible for any further damage that occurs to already compromised photos while in possession of them. “Compromised Materials” can be defined as various media damaged or made fragile by the forces of heat, moisture, adhesives, improper storage, and age.  

3: Payment for all scanning work is to be made 50% on signing of work order, 50% on delivery. Discount available for clients who pay full amount of the estimate on signing of work order - discount can then be applied to any additional work on this order that falls outside the services explicitly included in the purchased package.

4: All work orders are initiated without commitment to client defined deadlines. If a specific deadline is required by the client, the invoice is subject to one of the three RUSH ORDER pricing tiers, determined by the size of the order, and the amount of time from the signing of the work order to the client deadline.

5: Any work order signed with a client defined deadline, requires full amount of work order paid upon signing.


(* Up to 5 QuickIndex categories included in “Just the Perks” package)

(** Consultation session for assigning names to faces included in the “Just the Perks” Package will be conducted by phone and email)


Version 11.04.2018

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